Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What is THRIVE?

Erik and Melisa talk a bit about T.H.R.I.V.E.

Do you know how to THRIVE?  Let us teach you!  We teach you how to become the partners you want to be in a rock solid marriage and how to be parents that lead by counsel and bring peace to your home.

In the THRIVE program you will learn our secrets for a smoking hot marriage where you can’t wait to spend time together and rock solid parenting where you feel confident in each others parenting choices. 

THRIVE stands for:

T is for Temperament.  We are so much stronger when we understand each other.  We can flow into our relationships with each other and immediate family with confidence and not get “hooked” by what someone says.

H is for Holding the Space.  Holding the space is an amazing concept when we learn to do it together. Gone are the days of fighting with each other and not understanding what is needed of us as parents.

R is for Rhythm.  Our children thrive on rhythm.  The truth is we do too.  Rhythm makes the seasons turn and the grunion run and governs when baby animals are born.  We all have rhythm, it is just a matter of tuning into a rhythm that works for us and our family.  It will be different for everyone.  When we work on it together we shine!

I is for Inner Work.  Inner work and inner development is really the cornerstone to our humanity.  It has less to do with religion and more to do with ethics, morals and our standards.  It governs how we raise our chidren, how experience the gifts of the Spirit and how we bring the sacred gifts of intimacy into our relationship.

V is for Vows. How important is your partnership to you?  How in love are you?  Do you want more steamy times in the bedroom?  More peace in your daily lives together?  Do you want fights to be minimized and disagreements to be quick to resolve?  Upholding and understanding our vows brings us to a place of loving and honoring each other.  It reminds us why we came together to begin with and cements the bond we have as partners – not just as parents.

E is for Endurance.  Marriage and partnership is a long game.  It is all about enduring to the end. It is about knowing that there will be set backs, bumps in the road, frustrations and some times hurt and anger. It is about know these things and enduring.  Learn how to ask for what you really need so that both of you are full and humble.

Our entire THRIVE program comes from the concept of leading by counsel.  

What does that mean?  Lead by counsel is a way of governing the stewardship we have over our relationships and parenting.  When we lead together in a complete way then our children have a sense of love and safety.  They are grounded and peaceful in their home life.  We show you the strength that comes from leading by counsel.

The THRIVE program includes:
  • 6 weeks of program materials for both partners. These materials include audios and PDFs.
  • 6 group conference calls to work through struggles, add commentary and share victories.
  • a secret Facebook group that is for Dads only!  Erik will moderate the group and give dads a safe place to act up, talk about Star Wars and just be DAD.
  • On going monthly check in calls after the live session.