Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some thoughts on thriving from Erik

Hi. I wanted to take a moment to offer some encouragement for all of you and even myself as we are getting to know new people and they are getting to know us.

In our homeschool business, Waldorf Essentials, Melisa is the face and the voice of it. She talks to all the clients and I take on a more behind the scenes role.

When we first started talking about the THRIVE program, we talked about it being an opportunity for me to step out from behind the curtains so to speak. We agreed we would both be interacting with people and that I would be participating in a more visible way. I must admit I wondered how I would find my voice again, but it came back to me more fluidly than I thought it would. Having an audience isn’t exactly new to me. I worked as a newspaper reporter for 7 years covering drug busts and school board meetings. But, this is different.

My work as a newspaper reporter was intended to be informational, what we hope to provide is something transformative. We hope we can share from our own scrapes and trials and learn from and support others going through theirs.  We can also learn from each other’s victories and there may be more than you think. It is easy to get down on our ourselves.

Deciding to go on this journey with us means you know some things at home can be better. There are things that aren’t quite clicking. We could take an inventory of things that could be better or things that aren’t quite ideal but that leads down a path where we get really discouraged if we give it too much power. The fact that you are searching means some things are going right and you’d like to amplify them. As you work to apply THRIVE to your marriage, your family and your life, it is important to also take inventory of what is going right. 

Whenever I focus on what I don’t like I see more of it all over the place, all the time. The only way it goes away is when take notice of what we have accomplished and where our relationships are in relation to where they use to be where they could have taken a wrong turn that is different.

As you begin this process, keep your chin up and remember you are on your way to where you want to be. One thing that I know has saved me is that I know I make bone headed mistakes. I know I have days where I could have made better choices. More often, than not, Melisa is pointing out what she appreciates and what about me she is thankful for.

We all have things about ourselves we aren’t pleased with and we know some of those traits probably don’t please other people. What Melisa does for me inspires me to do better. It’s been a lesson to me for sure and I try to emulate it myself. I know that what we resist persists.

I look forward to meeting everyone who is ready to begin and I know we have much to learn from each other.